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Middle School Curriculum (6-8)


Sixth Grade
  • Strengthen problem-solving, order of operations and operations on fractions 
  • Prepare for Pre-Algebra: operations on integers, solving equations and writing function table
  • Instill organizational and study skills for success in math
Seventh Grade

  • Use appropriate operations and strategies to solve problems
  • Solve problems using proportional relationships
  • Investigate the geometry and measurement of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures
  • Analyze and represent linear and nonlinear functions
  • Solve linear equations
  • Use statistical procedures and probability to analyze data and make predictions
Eighth Grade

Introduction to Algebra
  • Manipulate integers and perform operations on rational numbers
  • Write and simplify algebraic expressions
  • Write, graph and solve linear equations
  • Solve and graph absolute value equations and inequalities
  • Solve and graph systems of inequalities
  • Perform operations on monomials, binomials, trinomials and polynomials
  • Solve quadratic equations and graph simple quadratic functions
Algebra 1
  • Solve simple and complex linear equations
  • Write, solve and graph simple, complex and compound inequalities
  • Graph and write linear functions in a variety of forms given another representation
  • Solve systems of linear equations using a variety of methods
  • Solve exponential functions and write sequences as functions
  • Solve polynomial equations using factoring
  • Graph and solve quadratic equations by using a variety of methods
  • Graph root functions and solving radical equations
  • Create and analyze data displays

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Located In Willoughby, OH, Andrews Osborne Academy is a Private Co-ed Day & Boarding College Preparatory School For Grades PK - 12, PG. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.