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Humanities Directed STEM

Humanities Directed Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is an interdisciplinary approach to address real-world problems by employing (1) the divergent thinking and rhetorical skills of the Humanities to provide perspective and bridge communication gaps, and (2) the convergent thinking and 21st century skills of STEM to propose solutions, with the ultimate goal of developing intellectual strength.

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  • Get Involved

    If you would like to get involved with HD STEM at AOA, please click on this link and complete the form: HD STEM - Get Involved Survey .  Please feel free to email Jim Barbarich, Director of STEM Education, at jbarbarich@andrewsosborne.com or call at 440-942-3600 ext. 230.
  • HD STEM Philosophy

    My name is Jim Barbarich, and I am the Director of STEM Education at Andrews Osborne Academy.  For the past year, we have been working diligently on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at AOA.  This process has included school-wide work on curriculum, technology, extracurricular opportunities, and partnerships, such as becoming a member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS).  

    Humanities Directed Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (HD STEM) is an interdisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems by employing 1. the divergent thinking and rhetorical skills of the Humanities to provide perspective and bridge the communication gap, and 2. the convergent thinking and 21st century skills of STEM to propose solutions, with the ultimate goal of developing intellectual strength.  

    The objectives of PreK - 12th Grade HD STEM at AOA are to:
    • Prepare students for higher education in STEM-related fields by teaching them to address real-world problems from a divergent and convergent way of thinking using skills from both Humanities and STEM. 
    • Train students to approach real-world problems from both a how and why perspective.
    • Develop STEM-based Divisional skill benchmarks for students to achieve, and assess each student’s progress towards demonstrating these skills.
    • Provide students with STEM-based experiential learning opportunities both in the classroom and through extracurricular opportunities.

    • What HD STEM is
    • What HD STEM is not
  • Upper School HD STEM Program

    The Upper School HD STEM Program at AOA is designed for highly motivated and dedicated students who are interested in pursuing a degree and career in a STEM-related field, including the Graphic Arts.  This Program is an academic approach that connects the importance of learning and applying skills in the Humanities and STEM fields, along with core values of AOA, to approach contemporary challenges faced in the world. The ultimate goal of the US HD STEM Program is to provide students with a challenging sequence of academic courses, in addition to experiential learning opportunities in research both on and off campus, in order to best prepare students for applying to and matriculating in highly competitive colleges and universities.  

    To facilitate success in the US HD STEM Program, six concentrations have been developed based in areas of HD STEM-Life Science, Physical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Digital Media Arts.  In each concentration, a rigorous scope and sequence of courses has been created to provide students with the knowledge and skills to place them at a competitive advantage in their desired college major.  In addition to coursework, students will take classes in research methods (portfolio for the Digital Media Arts concentration) that will provide on and off campus experiential learning opportunities.  Students enrolled in HD STEM will have additional opportunities for extracurricular activities, STEM-based honor societies, peer and alumni mentoring, college and career advising, and post-graduation networking.  After successful completion of the HD STEM program requirements, students will receive a distinction on their AOA diploma.

    All ninth grade students will be enrolled in the course, “Innovation,” as part of their first year in the Upper School.  In this course, students will examine what innovation is and how it can be used to solve real-world problems.  Students who do well in this course and have an interest in pursuing STEM will be invited in January to apply for the HD STEM program.  This application process will involve a review of grades, demonstrated interest, and a passion for learning STEM.  There is also a pathway for tenth and eleventh grade students to apply and enroll in the HD STEM program.

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