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Upper School Curriculum (9-12 & PG)

Signature Programs

Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars is a sequence of academic experiences, extracurricular programs, and learning opportunities that seek to build upon the cultural diversity of the AOA student body. Embracing a yearly theme, students will embark on a series of explorations of important issues impacting the lives of people across the globe. These experiences will be focused on the goals of fostering empathy, developing creative approaches to real-world problems, and building the capacity to exhibit cross-cultural understanding. Students will develop projects that leverage what they learn to raise awareness, inspire grassroots action, or promote institutional change.

Creative Thinking
Incorporated into all classes at AOA and co-curricular programs to guide students beyond content mastery. Classroom activities encourage students to modify and complicate existing content and assemble or invent new products and perspectives. While grades and overall GPA reflect content mastery, students are also assigned CTI scores based on a 4-point rubric that explicitly defines essential elements of Creative Thinking: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Curiosity, Risk-taking, Complexity, Imagination, and Value. 
Tech-Savvy Student Initiative

At AOA we embrace technology that enables learning and innovation. During an era of rapid and constant technological change, engaging technology at every level of the curriculum is essential to empower the next generation of innovators and inventors. We are committed to integrating proven pedagogical strategies that will empower students to become not just informed users of technology, but creators, inventors, authors, architects, designers, and developers of technology.
Cleveland Ballet

This partnership allows ballet students aged 14 and up to study professional ballet with the School of Cleveland Ballet, Northeast Ohio’s premiere professional children’s ballet school, while AOA provides the academic and residential component for the ballet’s pre-professional division.

The Equestrian Program has a long standing history at Andrews Osborne Academy. That tradition continues today with our partnership with Maypine-Flagship Farm. The AOA-Maypine partnership offers students the ability to participate in Maypine’s School Program, IEA Team and Flagship’s training program for riders with skills at all levels. Students are transported by AOA after school to complete their training.
National and International Travel
Our students have the opportunity to enrich their education by participating in experiential learning and travel the world, whether on a class trip to one of the many outstanding cities in the USA or traveling with a group of classmates and faculty members to far off lands during Spring and Winter breaks. Our students not only study the world, its people and their cultures - they have a chance to experience it firsthand.
Student Exchange with Australia and Guatemala

Each year, students from AOA have the opportunity to spend 8 weeks in the summer while studying in Australia. Students stay with a host family while attending classes at Central Coast School. The following fall, AOA hosts students from Australia and often stay in our families' homes. While abroad, students explore the Australian culture and travel the country. Additionally, students from Guatemala have the chance to study at AOA for a semester. We hope to send our first students to Guatemala in the very near future. In both cases, the students from Australia and Guatemala add to the rich international student body at AOA.

International Community 

Thanks to technology, the world is an ever shrinking place and in order for our students to be successful they need to know how to interact with different cultures. The student body of the AOA Upper School is unlike most schools anywhere in the world and certainly the only school in the Cleveland area with such a rich and diverse student body. Where else can a student study along-side students from 20+ countries, learn about their culture and customs and prepare themselves for a world in which they will soon live and work in.
Senior Experience

For two weeks in early May, our seniors spend time out of the classroom working along-side a professional of their choice. This experience is similar to an internship experience, but so much more. Students work with a faculty mentor to identify a location and host individual, participate in a series of professional training seminars, and conclude their time with written paper and speech discussing their time. This is a wonderful capstone experience for our seniors before they head out on their own. It's not uncommon for seniors to land summer jobs or future internships while off at college.

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Located In Willoughby, OH, Andrews Osborne Academy is a Private Co-ed Day & Boarding College Preparatory School For Grades PK - 12, PG. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.