Nestled amongst the natural forested beauty of AOA’s 300 acre campus, our residential houses are a home away from home for our boarding students. The six residential houses found here are a short walk from the student union, the library, the dining hall, and all academic buildings.

For a virtual tour of our Residential Life Circle, click HERE. As you go through the tour, control your view with the mouse and follow the arrows to go in and out of rooms.

Learning Goals for Boarding Students

List of 5 items.

  • Academic Success

    Boarders will work toward greater academic success by establishing academic goals, creating a study routine, identifying areas for academic growth, and enhancing their knowledge of campus resources.
  • Community Responsibility and Engagement

    Boarders will learn what it means to engage in a community environment by collectively establishing and maintaining expectations in a residential community, participating in group dialogues, engaging in critical self-reflection, and taking part in restorative justice practices.
  • Cultural Competency

    Boarders will grow their cultural competency by experiencing the cultures represented in the boarding community in meaningful ways, reflecting on their own culturally-grounded values, perceptions and beliefs, and gaining deeper knowledge about institutional and societal issues affecting different groups of people.
  • Health and Wellness

    Boarders will develop greater physical, emotional, financial and social wellness by focusing on elements of good nutrition, healthy relationships, mindfulness, reflection, and responsible money management.
  • Independent Living Skills

    Boarders will enhance their ability to be self-sufficient by learning how to clean and maintain a home, exercising different time management strategies, and reflecting on their ability to cope with failure.

Weekend Activity Experiences are a chance to get off campus and explore Greater Cleveland. examples of activities include trips to local parks, Cleveland professional sporting events, museums, shopping, recreational activities, amusement parks, and cultural celebrations.

There is a wide variety of AOA Clubs available during the school week to participate in

Explore the world during school breaks as part of an AOA International Travel Experience

Dive deeper into your passions and interests with the Phoenix Scholars Program

The AOA Residential Life Curriculum
is designed to elevate students' academic success and experience all that life at AOA has to offer...

  • Learn what it means to be a part of an international community
  • Improve your ability to communicate across cultural differences
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits and act with greater independence
  • Increase your connections and relationships with faculty members
  • Explore the surrounding area, experience American traditions, and make memories through participation in weekend activities
  • Experience tight-knit house communities and lasting friendships

Our Year-Round Care Pledge contains five promises to you as a family:
  1. Our facilities will be superlatively maintained and our staff directed to provide a healthy and safe environment for your sons and daughters
  1. We will be prepared to handle any health-related issues that may arise, appropriately separating and caring for anyone who does become ill
  1. We will provide a year-round boarding experience without adding any extra fees
  1. We will identify an “adopted” family for each international boarder to provide some comfort and diversion during breaks from school
  1. We will support the learning of all boarding students on campus regardless of how the delivery of that education may shift over time
Our facilities will be superlatively maintained.

We will be doubling our cleaning and disinfecting protocols to ensure a healthy environment. Our Residential Life team includes staff that live in the dormitories with our  students as well as a faculty group that lives on campus and are available 24-7 to assist as needed. All Residential Life staff will be focused on reminding students to wash their hands, wear masks as needed, and socially distance. You can be 100% confident that AOA will follow all necessary precautions and guidelines to keep your son or daughter safe.

We are prepared to separate and care for anyone who becomes ill.

We have plans to dedicate one dormitory specifically as a quarantine house. Should a student or staff member test positive for COVID-19 during the 2020-21 school year, we will safely and efficiently provide them with full medical support while lodged in the quarantine house.

We will offer continuous residential life programming without fees.

Students should not travel any more than necessary at this time.  So, we are making an extraordinary commitment to all of our international families.  From the moment your child arrives on campus until the conclusion of the school year, we are committed to providing continuous housing and meals at no additional cost, including all breaks and extensions. 

Every international boarding student will be “adopted” by a local family.

A new and exciting addition at AOA next fall will be the ‘Adopt-a-Boarder’ program.  This community-based initiative will ensure that every international boarding student is matched with an American family.  Throughout the year, each family and student will connect in many ways, spending time together, enjoying meals, and growing a strong, supportive, relationship.

The Residential Life program will support students through any periods of remote or hybrid learning.

We know it is possible next year that schools will be required to teach either remotely or in a hybrid mode of both standard and remote learning.  Regardless of how students are asked to learn, our boarders are guaranteed to receive:

  • Continuous housing on campus
  • Meals provided through a safe and secure delivery method
  • Structured support/supervision from AOA residential life staff 
  • Real-time support from faculty
  • Access to campus facilities, including our walking trails, fitness center, gymnasium and green space
  • Opportunities for continued, safe engagement and increased socialization with other on-campus students
These five promises make up our Year-Round Care Pledge to you.  We hope this commitment gives you some “peace-of-mind” concerning your son or daughter living on campus at AOA for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  

Residential Life Virtual Tour

Living on Campus

What else should I know about House Facilities at AOA?
- Four houses received new kitchens and new bathrooms in 2015!
- Two Houseparents live in each residential house, providing comprehensive supervision, safety, and support
- Student rooms are primarily set up as doubles, but some houses possess bigger spaces for triples and/or quads
- Each house has its own laundry facilities, so you can keep yourself looking tip-top
- Each house has cable TV for general use in its common area and Wi-Fi connectivity for your academic and entertainment needs



June 5, 2022 
Residential Houses Close for the Summer

August 19, 2022 
New Boarder Move-In Day

August 22, 2022
Returning Boarder Move-In Day

December 17, 2022
Residential Houses Close for Winter Break; students must be registered for Winter Break housing in order to remain on campus

Jan 2, 2023 
Residential Houses Re-Open after Winter Break

March 18, 2023
Residential Houses Close for Spring Break; students must be registered for Spring Break housing in order to remain on campus

April 1, 2023 
Residential Houses Re-Open after Spring Break

June 4, 2023

Residential Houses Close for the Summer

Health Center

What happens if you get sick or injured? Who takes care of you?  What about medications and prescriptions? Good news. There is an easy answer for each of these questions. Two awesome school nurses and the Residential Life Team work together, committed to keeping you healthy and safe. The AOA Health Center is located on main campus in the Van Gorder building, and has plenty of space for students who need some TLC.
“The boarding community is one that I am lucky to be a part of. By boarding, you definitely get a more international focus.” I have friends from six continents. It allows for more interaction between cultures and forms bonds that otherwise might be overlooked. I also get to learn more about cultures and explore them in a relaxing and friendly manner (for instance, trying other foods and learning bits and pieces of a person’s native language).” - AOA Student

“Boarding really helped me develop a sense of self, as I became more independent and could focus on personal development, while preparing me for college by exposing me to what it is like to live in a community setting and the responsibilities of such.” - AOA Student

“My favorite place to study is my dorm because it feels like home.” - AOA Student

Andrews Osborne Academy

Grades PK - 12, PG
PHONE (440) 942-3600
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Located In Willoughby, OH, Andrews Osborne Academy is a Private Co-ed Day & Boarding College Preparatory School For Grades PK - 12, PG. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.