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Middle School Curriculum (6-8)

World Language

Sixth Grade World Language

Spanish (1st Semester)
  • Explore Spanish culture
  • Interact with traditional Spanish games and songs
  • Create projects that reflect a component of Spanish culture and history
  • Study language phrases including: formal and informal greetings, colors, animals, family, weather and dates

Mandarin Chinese (2nd Semester)
  • Learn basic language materials related to simple common daily settings
  • Repeat, recite and reproduce simple words or sentences with accuracy
  • Begin to develop and foster confidence and interest in learning the language
  • Have preliminary knowledge of learning strategies, communicative strategies, resource strategies and interdisciplinary strategies used in guided situations
  • Gain introductory Chinese cultural knowledge
  • Acquire preliminary cross-cultural awareness and international perspectives

Seventh & Eighth Grade World Language

Spanish A & Spanish B
  • Broaden and improve vocabulary and grammar base through aural, oral and written practice
  • Examine the culture of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Develop the language skills of: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Incorporate a variety of vocabulary used in daily conversation and thematic topics with a connection to grammar throughout
  • Learn through an immersion-based philosophy, focus on application of knowledge rather than knowledge itself
  • Analyze and gain an appreciation for cultural and current events in the Hispanic and Latino communities
  • Spanish literature includes: Pobre Ana, Patricia va California, Piratas, and El viaje de su vida, blogs, and articles

Mandarin A & Mandarin B
  • Develop and reinforce language skills in character writing, tone differentiation and idiomatic expression
  • Develop the language skills of: speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Incorporate a variety of vocabulary used in daily conversation and thematic topics with a connection to grammar throughout
  • Compare Eastern and Western culture with a deeper understanding of lifestyles, food cultures, education systems and religious beliefs.
  • Connect traditional Chinese culture and current Chinese social norms
  • Get involved in Asian community, build friendships with local Chinese students and get first-hand cultural experience


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