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Middle School Curriculum (6-8)

Public Speaking

Sixth Grade 
  • Learn about communication best practices
  • Self-appraise communication skills
  • Learn about the do’s and don’ts of public speaking through P.V.L.E.G.S. (Poise, Voice, Life, Eye Contact, Gestures and Speed)
  • Practice introduction, impromptu and demonstration speeches
  • Present informational demonstration speech which combines a typical demonstration speech with a research component
Seventh Grade 
  • Develop persuasive speaking skills through debate, infomercials and impromptu
  • Learn about persuasive methods of rhetoric (Ethos, Pathos and Logos) and incorporate these methods into the final speeches
  • Learn the fundamentals of debate and participate in a 2 topic debate in which the class is divided into four groups, each on one side of a topic 
  • Formulate claims and research their evidence to back up assertions
  • Brainstorm potential arguments made by the opposing side and construct rebuttals to refute these arguments
Eighth Grade 
  • Expand and refine public speaking skills 
  • Present speeches on impromptu, show and tell
  • Provide student-led selection of topic and style allowing for creativity

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