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Lower School Curriculum (PK-5)

Social Studies

Pre-Kindergarten (3 years old)
  • Review time in relationship to themselves
  • Follow schedules and routines
  • Develop understanding of the language of time
  • Compare, contrast and make predictions
  • Develop understanding of terms related to distance, direction and location
  • Explore geography using maps
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop cooperation and social problem-solving skills: sharing, taking turns, showing empathy, following rules and directions, helping others, listening to peers and adults, staying on task, building self-confidence
  • Use words to deal with conflict, express feelings
  • Respect others and property

                Pre-Kindergarten (4 years old)
                • Understand the components of and develop responsible behavior by identifying home and school rules
                • Learn the importance of how rules used at home and school promote order, safety and fairness
                • Develop an understanding of history and the context of time by examining events distinguishing among past, present and future experiences
                • Review events in the context of daily routines and experiences
                • Describe a series of events that span a short period of time that includes past, present, and future
                • Identify seasons and understand the difference between days of the week and months of the year
                • Learn about the country’s system of government in basic terms (president, voting)

                • Clearly share items and information about him or herself in front of the class
                • Listen politely when others are speaking
                • Develop appropriate interpersonal skills with peers and adults
                • Develop a general understanding for the country we live in and the holidays that are celebrated
                • Learn to use, read and create a variety of maps
                • Identify the days of the week and months of the year
                • Learn about the culture, animals and geography of Australia and compare it to America
                First Grade 

                • Understand how a globe and maps represent the earth
                • Explore how environments differ throughout the world and how that affects people living in an given area
                • Define the components of a community
                • Understand the basic responsibilities of community members
                • Explore the importance of citizenship and character
                • Understand the basic role of economics in communities and their lives
                • Participate in a cross-curricular study of the world, gaining a sense of the variety and scope of the people and cultures, culminating in the Passports to World Cultures Program and Feast

                Second Grade 
                • Participate in a cross-curricular study of The American Revolution including identifying key events leading up to and during, understanding the importance of the revolution and its impact, and culminating in a program on presenting students’ learning and understanding of the unit
                • Learn about character development through a citizenship unit
                • Apply traits of good citizenship in various settings: at home, at school and in the community
                • Use map skills to locate early American civilizations: Aztecs, Incas, Mayas
                • Participate in comparative study of various Native American tribes

                Third Grade 

                • Practice reading physical and political maps accurately
                • Learn about the continent of Africa, specifically physical environments, a general history, the diverse cultures and lifestyles and places of high interest
                • Participate in a cross-curricular study of Ancient Egyptian Civilization (government, technology, daily life, role of religion, arts, entertainment and physical features), culminating in an Egyptian Play and Feast
                • Gain a deeper understanding of the physical landscape and geography of the United States as well as the political boundaries
                • Compare and contrast students' new knowledge of Africa to their country’s community

                Fourth Grade 
                • Travel through Ohio applying the five themes of geography:
                • location
                • place
                • human/environment interactions
                • movement
                • regions
                • Investigate then compare the Asian civilization of either India or Japan with the customs and traditions of Ohio communities
                • Use map skills to describe the relative location of physical and human characteristics of Ohio, the United States, and countries studied in Asia
                • Understand that civic participation requires individuals to make informed decisions by accessing and using information effectively

                Fifth Grade 
                • Participate in a year-long, cross-curricular study of Latin America including the following topics:
                • Physical Geography - Land and Water, Climate and Vegetation, Resources and Land Use
                • History of Latin America and its effects on the region to this day
                • Early civilizations of Middle America
                • The Incas: People of the sun
                • European Conquest
                • From Past to Present
                • Investigate important facts about the cultures of Mexico and Central America, Caribbean, South America, Haiti, Puerto Rico Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Venezuela
                • Compare and contrast these cultures
                • Participate in a Latin American Festival with  plays performed in Spanish


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