The Mission of Global Scholars at Andrews Osborne Academy

Global Scholars at AOA is a sequence of academic experiences, extracurricular programs, and learning opportunities that seek to build upon the cultural diversity of the AOA student body. Embracing a yearly theme, students will embark on a series of explorations of important issues impacting the lives of people across the globe. These experiences will be focused on the goals of fostering empathy, developing creative approaches to real-world problems, and building the capacity to exhibit cross-cultural understanding. Students will develop projects that leverage what they learn to raise awareness, inspire grassroots action, or promote institutional change.

Student Benefits

This program will clearly differentiate students interested in pursuing Global Studies or wishing to challenge themselves by developing greater international knowledge. It aims to provide the skills necessary to become socially responsible agents of change within their local and global community, while stretching students both intellectually and emotionally. Other benefits include:
  •     Special distinction on diploma
  •     Additional mentoring with potential externship placement
  •     Experiential learning
  •     Special consideration for housing for boarding students
Program Requirements

This program will both provide academic rigor and connections to outside institutions for students serious about distinguishing themselves academically.  Global Scholar participants will be required to make a significant commitment to producing several pieces of work during their high school careers, and will be required to attend events outside of normal school hours. Students in the Global Scholars program should demonstrate record of interest in cultural diversity and community engagement and will be required to provide recommendations speaking to a commitment to the AOA core values of Community, Creativity, Diversity, Global Awareness and Leadership. Students applying for admission should carry (and maintain) an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.

Major Features of the Global Scholar Program and Academic Timeline

The major features of this program include an extensive application process for newly admitted students, an ongoing seminar series, an internship Year 2 and  a written and defended thesis Year 3. Students will work with a mentor (ideally from outside of the AOA faculty) to set goals, develop a written 10 page thesis and compose a brief address to the entire school community.

Global Scholar Commitments

Seminar Series

Global Honors students will be required to attend a series of seminars, which will occur outside of normal school hours, including Saturday afternoons. An effort will be made to have a significant portion of the seminars relate directly to the yearly theme, but they may vary in content according to the availability of speakers.  

Book Selection

We will select together one book to read as a group, with the focus being international relations, global issues or a unique cultural perspective.


Students will be required to keep an interactive, on-going journal where they will reflect on their work, respond to written prompts, and curate their own portfolio of work.  

Service Learning

Students will be required to complete 100 hours of Community Service prior to graduation, with 75 hours  taking place off-campus.


Year 0:      Application Process- Spring semester*   
Year 1:      Seminar Series with portfolio.  Begin externship exploration.  
Year 2:      Continued attendance of Seminar Series. Mentor Selection. Finalize
                  externship location. (First Semester) Integration of externship into
                  schedule. (Second Semester or Summer)
Year 3:      Continued attendance of Seminar Series.  Research and development
                  of thesis. (First Semester)  Writing (Q3) and defending (Q4) of thesis.

*For the first year of the program, applicants will apply the beginning of school year.

Aspirational Goals of the Global Scholars Program

Travel to an important cultural center to meet with people or groups influential in developing solutions for problems related to the yearly theme.
Tiered levels of participation to involve a larger percentage of the student body.
Real world research or field study opportunities.

Possible Themes for Global Scholars  

Humanitarian Intervention: What is our Responsibility to Act and Protect?
Human Migration:  Immigration and the role of the developed world in solving the global refugee crisis
World Hunger: Poverty, food waste and feeding a growing population
Water in Crisis: Access to clean sources  and sanitation as human rights
Caring for the Oceans and the Laws of the Seas
Women Around the World: Struggles and Triumphs in Equality
Student derived theme

Curriculum Requirements for Global Scholars Diploma

  • 4 Years of Upper School English (ESL/ILP classes can fulfill this requirement)
  • 4 Years of Upper School Mathematics
  • 4 Years of Upper School Modern World Language
  • 4 Years of Upper School Science
  • 4 years of Upper School History including World History
  • 1 Year of Art/Music/Theatre
  • 1 Semester of Health
  • Attendance at Global Scholar Seminars

Additional Diploma Requirements

  • 10 page thesis on global topic, written with guidance from thesis mentor, to be presented and defended in front of Global Scholars Committee
  • Recommended to host an international student or participate in a cultural experience with an international student
  • Must participate in at least one semester of an international club (Model UN, SIC, International Club, etc)
  • Must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA at the conclusion of each school year, for that school year
  • Must be involved in a minimum of 10 hours annually of Community Service that has a Global focus
  • Must be considered a student in good standing (all significant disciplinary and honor offenses will be subject to review and could be grounds for removal from the Global Scholars Program)
  • Student entrance into the program will be approved by the Global Scholars Committee (Directors of Global Scholar Program, Director of Upper School, Academic Dean, Director of College Counseling, and selected faculty members)
  • Sophomores entering the program must have completed their Freshman year in good standing, including having a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Students may enter the program after their freshman year; however, they must have met all curricular criteria necessary for a current student in the program in their grade and must meet all curricular and additional graduation requirements to maintain their status in the Program
  • Waiving of curricular or additional requirements is prohibited except for extraordinary circumstances and must be approved by the Global Scholars Committee
  • Student participation in the program will be reviewed annually by the Global Scholars Committee
  • Granting of Global Scholars Diplomas will be subject to review by the Global Scholars Committee
Upcoming Events

November 14th
Lunch with Ambercrombie-Winstanley, former  U.S. Ambassador to Malta

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