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Fifteen Upper School students in Mrs. Ely’s Rock and Roll as A Social Force class took two field trips recently. One was to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the other was to watch the film Bohemian Rhapsody. Students enjoyed both trips and learned a lot!

Alisa Krivenko was impressed by how much has been added to the Rock Hall since she last visited. Evan Frisbie was awed by Elvis’s gold lame’ suit and Brandon Charles couldn’t wait to see anything associated with Jimi Hendrix. Mrs. Ely’s favorite moment at the Rock Hall was watching Faith Jones, Oleana Hudson and Samarah Foster listen to the Temptations singing My Girl while dancing in a rhythm and choreography that Motown would have envied.

In addition to seeing the sights at the Rock Hall, students also took a class about the evolution of Hip Hop. When asked on a recent test what they learned in that class, many students remarked about the distinction that Hip Hop is a lifestyle, clothing, behavior, attitude and Rap is a distinct musical and poetic form. Students also noted that DJ’s used disco music with a strong beat to blend songs together as they scratched records. Also DJ’s had special ways to mark where on the record they wanted to begin their mix. Finally, students learned how Hip Hop began in the South Bronx in response to dislocation issues and alienation brought on by poverty and displacement. It began as a means to replace gangs and bring people together in block parties doing something positive as they danced and listened to music together.

With the release of the new film Bohemian Rhapsody, a prime opportunity presented itself for a second field trip. This film tells the story of the band Queen and particularly the lead singer Freddy Mercury. Danny Gallagher thought the film, “was very worthwhile and he learned that the life of a rock star isn’t easy. “ Samarah Foster thought the film was, “eye-opening.” Several students commented on the pressure rock stars are under to please their record company and manager once they achieve success and the struggle that ensues to stay true to yourself.
Rock and Roll as a Social Force will conclude at the end of first semester with individual student presentations on a social justice issue connected to 3 rock songs. Students will also collaborate with others and write their own social protest song about a current issue.

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