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Middle School Short Film Festival
    • Not So Superpowers

4 teenagers. 4 very different people, destined to meet. But first, each one must overcome a challenge. Will their powers get them out of the messes that they created? Will they come together and figure out what must be done before time runs out? The future of the world depends on it!

    • Who's in the Zoo?

A film about a family who never leaves the house and gets invited to a mysterious masquerade dinner at Willoughby manor. There they are each given a task of finding a certain zoo animal but they have no idea why. This movie is a real thriller!

    • Surviving Middle School

The new boy Steve is trying to find his place at a new school with new people. As Steve goes around the school and he tries to fit in. Throughout the day he changes his personality to be welcomed into the crowd. However, Steve soon realizes that the best person to be is himself.

    • Code Yellow

Amarillo is a peaceful city, until something happens that will change their world! The legoians were just minding their own business what could possibly go wrong? When out of the blue something attacks what could it be? What does it want?

Jill and her cat Miss Felicia have just finished building their single family dream home. Now all the neighbors want to visit and outstay their welcome. What's a girl to do?

    • The Expressionists

One school day, a girl searches through the library for a book to enjoy. This book changes her perspective in a way she’s not prepared for. She is terrified and gets rid of it. As it’s passed from person to person it converts from something that was once terrifying into something enjoyable.
    • Rise of the Cheese

Long ago a mean old husband and wife ran a cheese shop in France where they brutally harmed cheese and then sold the broken cheese. Then one day a cheese decided for a change in their way of life they will fight back and get revenge.
Visual and Performing Art Events

  • Russian Duo OAC Grant- April 5th-April 22nd
  • Paint Night - April 16th
  • International Week  April 19th- 23rd 
  • Alumni Art Gallery Show- April 30th

  • Spring Arts Showcase - May 19th

Arts Letter
Upper School students participating in visual and/or performing arts extracurricular activities can now earn an “Arts Letter.” 

The letter will be earned by accumulated Upper School participation hours in extracurricular arts activities. Due to the extenuating circumstances caused by the covid19 pandemic and the cancelation and modification of specific art extracurriculars, we modified the requirements for the introductory Arts Letter by accepting a minimum of 50 hours this year. The hours can roll from year to year starting from the 2019-2020 school year. 

Click here to log your hours

All Hours Must Be turned in and completed by May 15th 
    • CIM Partnership

    • Xavier's Gallery Tour

Flamenco Residency Supported By
    • 2020

    • Upper School Spanish Dance

    • Middle School Dance/Choir

    • Class of 2020 Students Attending College for the Arts

Guest Artist and Past Events

Andrews Osborne Academy

Grades PK - 12, PG
PHONE (440) 942-3600
AX (440) 942-3660
Located In Willoughby, OH, Andrews Osborne Academy is a Private Co-ed Day & Boarding College Preparatory School For Grades PK - 12, PG. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.